Petition to Create a Catastrophic and Compassionate Care Fund

PETITION to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

WHEREAS, a growing number of patients in Ontario, like Mayor Hector Macmillan, are being forced to pay out of pocket for rare, unusual and even common treatments for life-threatening diseases; and

WHEREAS, patients taking oral or at-home cancer drugs and unusual combinations of drugs are often forced to pay out of pocket, destroying their livelihoods and forcing them to fundraise for care; and

WHEREAS, and an estimated 22,000 Ontarians sought medical treatment outside of Canada in 2015 alone; and

WHEREAS, Ontarians with terminal and life-threatening diseases cannot wait through the lengthy process of approval and funding for treatments in the experimental stage; and

WHEREAS, jurisdictions like Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have programs designed to help those who need exceptional and experimental treatments; and

WHEREAS, the Liberal government has failed to address the growing funding gap for those requiring lifesaving and life-extending treatment;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: That the Wynne government review jurisdictions where a process is in place to consider lifesaving experimental and high cost healthcare treatments and otherwise exceptional circumstances for patients and create a catastrophic and compassionate care fund.

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