PC’s Working for Ontarians; Call for Committee On Emergency Response

QUEEN’S PARK – “Families need confidence in our energy system, not a Liberal government that is more interested in playing postal code politics,” said Nepean-Carleton PC MPP Lisa MacLeod, the Ontario PC Energy Critic.

MacLeod’s comments follow the announcement that the Ontario PC Caucus is going to introduce a motion to strike a Committee to study the province’s emergency preparedness and to develop a protocol for quicker responses in the future.

“Over two weeks have passed since the recent ice storm left over 600,000 homes across the province in the dark and Ontarians are looking for answers as to why they went days without power,” added MacLeod.

“This blackout is not just a Toronto issue; it is a province wide issue. While the Premier hands out gift cards and food baskets to residents of Toronto, the Ontario PC Caucus will work on behalf of all Ontarians to determine if proactive measures can be taken to prevent future widespread power outages.”

The Ontario PCs plan to use every tool available to them in the Legislature to investigate whether any preventative measures could have been taken and whether the Liberal government’s response was adequate for all affected Ontarians.

“It is time for the Wynne Liberals to stop putting their political interests ahead of Ontarians’ interests. Ontario deserves leadership on the energy file and if the Liberal government is not willing to do that, a PC government will,” said MacLeod.