Inspiration Awards Nomination

Please fill out the form below to nominate someone for the Nepean-Carleton Canada-Ontario 150 Inspiration Awards.

Nomination criteria

The six criteria used to assess nominations are: Role, Impact, Reach, Engagement, Overcoming Challenges and Inspiration.

Role (5 points)

Briefly describe the nominee’s contributions. Explain how the nominee has shown leadership and the actions he or she has taken to address community priorities, benefited the community. Indicate the number of years the nominee has been volunteering.

Impact (15 points)

Briefly describe how nominee identified and addressed a priority in our community and how their contributions have made a lasting difference.

Reach (15 points)

Describe who benefited from the nominee’s contributions—and how many people were affected and how they were affected.

Engagement (5 points)

Describe how the nominee’s contributions sparked teamwork to address community or organizational challenges.

Overcoming Challenges (5 points)

Describe the challenges (personal, organizationally or other) that the nominee has overcome to make a contribution in our community.

Inspiration (5 points)

Describe how the nominee became a role model in our community. How did the nominee share their experience and knowledge and who did they share it with?

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