Advisory Committee For A Compassonite and Catastrophic Care Plan in Ontario Passes With All-Party Support

MPP MacLeod’s motion aims to help those suffering from rare disease or whose treatments may be experimental or complimentary but are not yet covered by OHIP

QUEEN’S PARK – Nepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod is pleased with all-party support on her motion calling on the Ontario Government to create a compassionate and catastrophic care plan for Ontario patients with exceptional circumstances and whose drugs, therapies or treatments are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) through the work of an advisory committee to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.

“Today the Legislature acknowledged we need to do more to help patients who are maxing their credit card or who are fundraising for their health care. By passing this motion we have sparked thoughtful consideration of how we can best help those with exceptional health care needs with a compassionate and catastrophic health care policy in Ontario. I look forward to the government addressing this immediately,” said MacLeod.

Members from all parties joined MacLeod in sharing health care issues in their constituencies and throughout Ontario. MacLeod spoke of cancer patients she knew who were fundraising either for drugs, complimentary therapy or experimental therapy.

“There are so many advancements in technology and innovative drugs it is obvious our health-care system must adapt. In order for us to be nimble and address all aspects of the health care system we must continually look for better ways to help Ontario patients. I am grateful to all MPPs who participated in this debate today,” added MacLeod

This is MacLeod’s second successful private member’s business in the last five months. In June, all parties supported her bill Rowan’s Law which will create more awareness, better treatment and more research on concussions. Similar to her successful motion today, Rowan’s Law work will be done by an advisory committee to the Government, which began its work this past month.


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